Brand new way of investing

A token backed by real assets with a growing payment of daily income in Bitcoin to its owner
ONB Token
What is ONB Token
A token that takes advantage of mining and trading, backed by real computing power. Receive payments from mining and increase your savings by trading.
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Daily income
By purchasing ONB, you acquire real computing power, which will start bringing you mining income in BTC on a daily basis.
Hold ONB and take BTC
Income in the form of BTC is transferred daily to the wallet of the token holder directly from the pool
AI up capital
You can send the mined bitcoin for trading with a neural network that is trained to increase your capital.
Multiple fundamental growth
The ONB rate will respond at a faster pace to the increase in the cost of equipment, and due to the availability of already operating equipment and the high liquidity of its turnover, the investment the multiplier will multiply the value of the token.
Link to real indicators
Linking to the real performance of the equipment completely protects the token from falling to negative values for the investor, since the value of the token cannot be lower than the cost of the equipment with which it is provided.
Income independent of the token rate
Due to its nature, ONB is itself an investment vehicle. Each token is backed by a real, ever-growing unit of already working computing power with a transparent mechanism in proportion to the increasing profitability in BTC.
The foundation of the investment strategy laid down in the token is based on three main principles
Start investing in mining with ONB
No need to purchase equipment, maintain it, and invest additional funds