Maximize your Bitcoin-mining profit with OneBoost mining pool

Leverage our advanced mining pool, which offers industry-leading fees and an impressive hashrate of over 800 PH/s, contributed by satisfied customers worldwide.

Made by miners for miners:

With competitive pool fees and special promotions for UAE-based businesses, the OneBoost Mining Pool is a top-notch choice for Bitcoin-miners looking to optimize their operations and maximize profit.

Easy and Safe

Fast and simple sign-up, risk-free operations

High Earnings

Low pool fees, FPPS distribution model

Game-Fi ready

Easy integration with GameFi projects using innovative Play-to-Hash (P2H) model

For Bitcoin-miners

Regardless of the hashing capacity you have, OneBoost Mining Pool is a flexible, powerful, and secure platform for all Bitcoin-miners.

Join our pool today and start reaping the benefits of our industry-leading expertise, comprehensive services, and commitment to your successs!

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For Game Developers

As a Game Developer, you'll be interested to know that you can integrate the innovative Play-to-Hash (P2H) model into your project's gameplay.

Introduction to Play-to-Hash (P2H) model:.

  1. Overall project profitability increase
  2. Backing of in-game economics by real Bitcoins, mined on OneBoost Mining Pool
  3. Players can earn Bitcoins through in-game activities
  4. Flexible payouts

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